Sunday, July 12, 2020


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RealiseMe is a community platform connecting teachers and schools around the globe. At RealiseMe, you can find or advertise permanent and supply jobs, as well as network and share ideas with other education professionals. Find out more about how our innovative job match works below.

Share your thoughts in our online staffroom where we aim to remove negativity and focus on practical, deliverable solutions. In our safe and professional forums, you can voice your opinions, air your problems, ask questions and gain advice.

Our blog keeps you up to date with relevant news, personal perspectives and practical classroom ideas. Bloggers are always welcome to contribute. If you’re keen to write for us, just get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!.

Over 4500 teachers, 2500 jobs. Build your personalised profile. Engage with schools and teachers. Gain free expert advice and tips. Realise your potential. Join Now to build your profile, find your perfect job and be part of the community. Find out more about our job match process below.

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Why We’re Different

Our Job match is informed by the innovative recruitment methods of leading global enterprises. Our anonymised candidate profiles remove bias in recruitment while behavioural matching makes the best possible job match for you. Intelligent job matching saves school time and money, helping you attract and retain staff.

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How Our Job Match Works

RealiseMe uses a short selection of profiling questions which allow us to match teachers and schools that have similar values. We know there’s no such thing as a perfect match so we use aggregated scores to make the closest match possible.

Our career matching algorithms use your anonymous profile, behaviour profiling and your platform contributions to provide information on career connections. The same applies to schools as an employer. Their augmented profile and teacher feedback come together to help weight selections and ensure the right decisions are made without subjective bias.

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