Thursday, May 23, 2019

9 reasons to rethink the CCS Supply framework…..

In the last few weeks, I have been asked by several MATs and at least 10 CEOs of Education recruiters, THE SAME...
A row of back packs hung up in a school corridor.

10 Things Every Teaching Assistant Needs in Their Bag

Working as a teaching assistant is an incredibly rewarding job where you get the opportunity to make a difference to children’s lives every day....
A classroom with yellow walls and blue tables and bookshelves.

Top Tips for Teaching Assistants

If you’re reading this, you’re probably working as, or thinking about becoming, a teaching assistant. Having worked as a teaching assistant and learning support...
A female teacher standing at the front of a classroom holding an open book.

5 Supply Teacher Wellbeing Tips

Supply teaching can be pretty tough. You spend your week working across different schools, running from classroom to classroom providing cover for classes of...
A person typing on a white desk with a yellow watch.

How to Manage Your Supply Teaching Without Agencies

7am. You’ve got up, got dressed and had some breakfast. You pre-packed your lunch last night and now you’re just waiting on that call...
A row of coloured pencils against a white background.

How to Ace Your Teaching Assistant Interview

So you’ve been invited to an interview for a job as a teaching assistant- congratulations! Working as a teaching assistant can be very rewarding...

What I’ve Learnt Being a Supply Teacher

This time last year I found myself in between jobs for a term. This was an unexpected and new experience for me, as I...
A young boy holding a book against a black background.

Why Supply Teaching is Better Than Going Permanent

With the current pressures facing teachers including mounting workloads, accountability measures and reforms, many are turning to other professions or considering supply teaching. And...
RealiseMe- A selection of stationary spread across a blue background.

We’re Launching! Join the RealiseMe Careers Community!

Things are getting exciting here at RealiseMe as we’ll soon be launching our new careers platform and we just can’t wait to tell everyone!...
An array of white letters against a background of blue sky.

How to Provide Classroom Support for Students with Dyslexia

The British Dyslexia Association states that 10% of the population are dyslexic. That’s at least three students in your classroom. Dyslexia can be a...

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