7am. You’ve got up, got dressed and had some breakfast. You pre-packed your lunch last night and now you’re just waiting on that call from the agency. You could be rung up and asked if you can get to a nearby school within half an hour. Or maybe you got the call last night and now you’re doing a quick journey plan to figure out how to get there with a little bit of preparation time before the busy school day begins.

Have you ever thought it would be far easier if you could manage your own supply work, without having to wait on agencies to call you?

With RealiseMe you can arrange supply teaching directly with schools and control your supply bookings all in one place, from desktop or mobile. You set your preferences and rates, receive booking invites directly from schools and manage your bookings and timesheets all at the click of a button!

It’s free to join and what’s more, with no agency margins, schools pay less and teachers can earn more!

How does it work?

A preview of what RealiseMe looks like on iPhone.

  1. Create your account, build your profile and set your preferences and rates
  2. Regularly update your availability to be visible to schools looking for supply work
  3. Receive booking invites directly from schools, you choose whether to accept or decline with one click
  4. Easily view the details of your bookings, including lesson plans
  5. Submit weekly timesheets
  6. Give and receive feedback from schools on your bookings

What else does RealiseMe do?

With a RealiseMe account, you also have access to our school jobs board and job alerts. Do video interviews, apply for jobs anonymously and find your perfect job match. Your RealiseMe account also gives you access to our teacher’s community forum where you can gain advice and share resources with other education professionals.

RealiseMe is a social enterprise company and a member of SAFERjobs, protecting jobseekers and agency workers from exploitation.

If RealiseMe sounds like the place for you, then register completely free or contact [email protected] to find out more. We’d love to meet you!

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Visit www.realiseme.com to find out more.

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