Monday, March 18, 2019
A row of back packs hung up in a school corridor.

10 Things Every Teaching Assistant Needs in Their Bag

Working as a teaching assistant is an incredibly rewarding job where you get the opportunity to make a difference to children’s lives every day....
edtech digest cover

The EdTech Digest: The Minds Behind What’s Now and What’s Next

Education technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The learning landscape is shifting. There are obvious recent forces at work—sure,...
A row of coloured pens against a white background.

How To Streamline Your Marking and Be a More Productive Teacher

  Martine Ellis hosts a popular education podcast called The Teaching Space. She is also a teacher educator and Google Certified Trainer based in Guernsey. This...
A red paper boat followed by three blue paper boats against a blue background.

10 Qualities of Super Senior Leaders

Leaders of any kind, whether in the public or private sectors, have to display certain qualities in order to be effective. And with school...
A classroom with yellow walls and blue tables and bookshelves.

Top Tips for Teaching Assistants

If you’re reading this, you’re probably working as, or thinking about becoming, a teaching assistant. Having worked as a teaching assistant and learning support...
teaching cover letter

How To Write a Teaching Cover Letter That Stands Out

So you’ve created a stellar teaching CV and now it’s time to pen a stand-out cover letter. But where to start? Cover letters are...
A young girl sat at a table drawing pictures.

Centre for Education Economics: The Achievement-Wellbeing Trade-Off in Education

This week, the Centre for Education Economics released their report, studying the relationship between pupil wellbeing and effective learning. Read the full report below. "The...
A colourful school corridor with hanging bunting.

A New Chapter… in a New School!

After spending a few years at a school, becoming confident in teaching and following the procedures, as well as being within a happy, caring...
A female teacher standing at the front of a classroom holding an open book.

5 Supply Teacher Wellbeing Tips

Supply teaching can be pretty tough. You spend your week working across different schools, running from classroom to classroom providing cover for classes of...
english-lesson-ideas: a stacked pile of colourful books.

10 Amazing English Lesson Ideas to Inspire Your Class

Looking for some inspiration for your English classes or need some new ways to engage uninterested students? English is a wonderfully varied subject to...

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