Friday, September 21, 2018
A classroom with tables arranged in rows.

How to Set a Seating Plan That Works For You

It’s that time of year again. The school gates have opened, and teachers and students are heading back in to the classroom. And with...
A pile of books on a desk with an apple on top.

5 Back to School Tips for New (or returning) Teachers

We all know that phrase: "new year, new me" and September is the teacher's New Year. So with it rapidly approaching Back To School...
A young woman in a denim jacket wearing a back pack and holding a stack of folders and books.

NQT: The End is Just the Beginning

So, just like that, I finished NQT. My final observation was 2 weeks ago and I think that it was probably the biggest anti-climax ever,...
Teachers summer holidays. A woman wearing a sun hart relaxing in a pool.

5 Things Teachers Need To Do During The Summer Holidays

The summer holidays are one of the renowned benefits of being a teacher and make you the envy of all your non-teaching friends. While...
A young girl reading a book.

Making Books Accessible With a Moving Library

Having completed my second year of Primary Teaching in May – I finished the year exhausted but enlightened in equal measure. Though I welcomed...

Why Teachers Must Have a Support Network

Teaching is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling vocations there are. It’s can also be one of the most exhausting. With increasing workloads...
A blank notebook against a blue and yellow background surrounded by coloured paperclips.

7 Ways To Brush Up Your Teacher CV

When schools are looking for new teachers, they’re looking for someone with passion and commitment, someone dedicated to the profession, especially amongst the current...
A woman balancing two books on her head against a pink background

Take the Quiz: Which Famous Fictional Teacher are You?

Literature, film and TV has offered up some of the most inspiring teachers that we know and love. From Miss Honey to Professor John...
A pair of glasses, three pencils and a notebook against a white background.

What Does GDPR Mean For Teachers?

GDPR is the buzzword of the month.  Your inbox has no doubt been inundated with GDPR- related emails and privacy policy updates. You’ve suddenly...
A set of coloured pens on a notebook.

Why I Love Teaching

Teaching. It's a bit of a funny job really. You get berated publicly for both working too much and working too little (I never...

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