It’s almost 2020! The end of the year signals a time for reflection but its not just the end of 2019, its the end of the decade

We may find ourselves pondering our own achievements more so, we might make a few more half-hearted new years resolutions, join the gym, vow to take control of our eating habits or decide to spend more time taking care of ourselves and our families. We might dwell on things we could have done differently over the last ten years and get ourselves down about it.

Some people take some time to really think about their career and where they are going in life. So this end of year/end of decade, here’s the all important question; are YOU happy with all you have achieved in the last ten years? 

If you answered yes, then great! If you answered no, then fear not, everyone doubts their job, personal and social choices at some point, and the ending of a year can amplify these feelings. So not to fear, here’s a few things you can do if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed with the ending of the decade;

1. Take some time

Whether you’re doubting your career path or feeling disillusioned in other ways within your life. The best thing you can do for yourself is really take some time to yourself to think it through. The  festive period often passes in a frantic blur, we’re rushing around, trying to get Christmas shopping done, get all the food, make sure there’s enough space for the family and try to deal with the shops being shut for a WHOLE day! 

The end of the year (and the end of a decade) sometimes causes us to panic that we have not achieved everything we want to in life and can result in us making rash decisions. Sit down by yourself a few days after Christmas when it’s quiet. Make a cup of tea, have a slice of Christmas cake and really have a think about what you want out of life, what you want to achieve, what your own goals are and what you need to do to get there. Make a list if you like to have it all in front of you and make a plan.

2. Really think about how much change you want

If you’re in a job or a situation where you feel a little bored, it is sometimes not because you need a complete overhaul, it can often simply be because your routine needs a little tweaking or a bit of a mix up. 

However, sometimes it really is time for a whole new scene and there’s no problem with that either.  Often we can get comfortable in a situation or a job and stay there because it is familiar. If you are not getting anything out of it and if you feel as though you are in the wrong career then yes, it may be wise to consider what you actually want out of your working life. However, If you treat every job and every situation as an opportunity to learn then you will never feel like you ‘wasted’ time or ‘settled’.

Have a ponder and think if you are happy overall with say, your job. How would you felt if you completely left it behind, is there an option to do more training to excel within your current career, does it still challenge you, can you see any point in the future where you will feel fulfilled again? We all have tough days at work but the key is to be honest with yourself and really get to the bottom of if there could be a quick fix or if you are genuinely not happy there anymore. 

If the answer is that you just really need a whole new scene and you’ve taken some time to really think things through, then maybe it’s time to change it up completely. Did you want to be something totally different when you were younger, did you want to use your skills for something else? If so, then its never too late to follow those dreams! A quick google search is amazing for throwing up ideas and courses that could lead to your dream job and then you can start researching thoroughly.

Often, teachers (as a lot of you reading this will be) can feel so rushed of their feet from the start of the academic year all through to Christmas that they don’t really get time to think about what is right for them or if they are liking their schools or team. Take some time to put yourself first over the Christmas break. If you are an English teacher but always wanted to teach history then make it happen, if you love teaching but feel as though you’re not fitting in with your team or your school despite trying your hardest then maybe look for another school you would suit better.

If you think its just the frenzy of the year and decade ending thats making you question yourself, then maybe have a chat with your management to see if there is any courses you can go on to expand your skills or ask if there is any opportunities you can be considered for. 

Even little things can help you switch it up a little, give your desk or working space a makeover, plan different things to have for lunch, anything to tweak your routine. 

Again, if you’re a teacher, then why not decorate your classroom differently, plan alternative lessons that really stretch your creativity and mix up your teaching style a bit. 

3. Job search

If you’ve decided that, yes, it’s time for that change, then get searching. There is no time like the present. There’s loads of great job sites for all different jobs and career paths. Join a job agency, ask around and see what there is out there. You want something that is going to push you and challenge you everyday, you don’t want to feel like your talent is being wasted doing something you don’t care about or are not passionate about. 

If you’re a teacher and you fancy a different school, a new place and a new team then RealiseMe can help you too, sign up and browse our jobs for free. We pride ourselves on finding you the best match for your personality and values rather than just finding you any old job that you probably wont ‘click’ with. Do your research, decide what you want out of life and then go for it.

4. Think about your strengths and weaknesses

This tip is great to do at the end of the year anyway as it allows us to get to ‘know’ ourselves and our own progress a little better. 

If we are aware of our strengths and weaknesses then we know how we can develop and improve in ourselves both at work and in general life. Make a list, just have a think or ask family or friends to contribute.

Sometimes other people are more perceptive than we are about our own personalities and they may come up with a few suggestions that you may not have even thought about. When you know yourself, what you can do well and what you need to work on, it makes it easier to come up with an effective plan to where you want to be by the end of the next decade. It also is helpful because so many job interviews include the question ‘so tell me about your strengths and weaknesses’ so, if you are thinking of that career change then this little task will help out there too. 

5. Find at least five things you’re proud of 

Listing your strengths and weaknesses is all well and good but you need to be kind to yourself too and you need to be proud of whatever it is you’ve achieved over the past year and also the past ten. 

Take note and think back, the more you start pondering, the more you’ll find to be proud of. Did you complete your NQT year, did you get a promotion, did you lead an important project? It doesnt have to be big things, you may have helped out a friend in need by picking them up when their car broke down last month, you could have fed your neighbours cats when they were away on holiday, you could have kept your new years resolution of going to the gym regularly or you could have made more time for family. 

Whatever it is, make sure you’re proud of who you are and what you have achieved because there will be many things you should feel admirable about, even at first thought you believe the opposite. 

So there are some tips to be getting yourself stuck into this new year. Make 2020 and the next decade the very best of them! Happy new year from RealiseMe!

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