Thursday, May 23, 2019
A person typing on a white desk with a yellow watch.

How to Manage Your Supply Teaching Without Agencies

7am. You’ve got up, got dressed and had some breakfast. You pre-packed your lunch last night and now you’re just waiting on that call...
A pen writing "be creative' on paper.

Join RealiseMe: Why We’re More Than a Job Site

At RealiseMe, you can find your next teaching or teaching assistant job, receive job alerts and we’re also working on a job matching algorithm...
A woman wearing a blue blouse, with a phone in her hand and smiling.

Your Next Teaching Job is Just a Click Away

The UK education system is facing a crisis. We are in the middle of a teacher shortage and school budgets are carrying the burden,...
A woman in a suit facing a row of hands holding CVs against a blue background.

The Free Jobs Board Saving Schools Thousands on Recruitment Costs

Schools are spending record numbers on job vacancy advertising. The Guardian reported in 2016 that secondary schools spent £56 million a year on teaching...

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