The UK education system is facing a crisis. We are in the middle of a teacher shortage and school budgets are carrying the burden, with schools spending record numbers on job advertising and supply teaching agency fees. At RealiseMe, we’re making things easier and fairer for teachers and schools, cutting out expensive recruitment costs and building a professional, forward-thinking careers community.

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RealiseMe is completely free for teachers and teaching assistants and could just be the best career decision you ever make. Whether you’re a permanent or supply teacher, here’s why you should join RealiseMe.

Saving Schools and Teachers Money

To combat excessive job advertising costs, our jobs board is free for schools to post vacancies with a simple posting process and user-friendly website. Teachers can sign up, create their profile and apply for jobs, completely free.

Our system also allows schools to book supply teachers without the need for an agency. This means that with no agency margin, schools pay less, and teachers can earn more!

When you apply for a job or book supply work through RealiseMe, you’re helping lift schools out of extortionate and unnecessary recruitment costs.

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Easy Supply Bookings

RealiseMe gives supply teachers greater control over their supply work, allowing you to book your supply work directly with schools. With the click of a button, you can set your availability, accept bookings and complete timesheets, online or from your mobile. With RealiseMe, managing your supply work is a breeze.

Supportive Community

What’s more, RealiseMe is a community space for all educationalists with a friendly forum where you gain advice and share resources. It’s your very own online staffroom with a whole new bunch of supportive colleagues.

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Fairer Job Market

We are not the only supply platform out there, but we are the only one that puts social enterprise at the heart of what we do. As a certified social enterprise company, we invest back in to the company, instead of maximising profits. RealiseMe is also a member of SAFERjobs, protecting job seekers and agency workers from exploitation.
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