Want to solve your MATs recruitment issues?


Let us show you how to start and manage your own agency, control as many third-party suppliers as you can find, save money on direct costs, and reduce the workload of front and back office, while improving service delivery and the quality of your hires.

At RealiseMe, we understand the pressures schools face when it comes to recruitment and retention. With tight budgets and increasing workloads, it’s becoming harder to not only attract but also retain great teachers, support staff and central service members.

Download our new ebook – Resource, Recruit and Retain

Written by Dean Kelly founder of RealiseMe and the Chair of the largest network of recruitment CEOs in the world. 

Dean has used over 25 years of experience in delivering bespoke human capital solutions to highlight how your school can lead the way in talent acquisition.

The ebook will cover key topics including:

  • Recruitment Automation
  • Talent Pools and Interviews
  • Data-driven Recruitment and Analytics 
  • Building a Diverse Workforce
  • Improving your Work Environment
  • Supporting Your Supply Staff

Download our free e-book to see what you could change and how easy it is to improve

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