We know all you teachers are cooped up at home, raring to get back to your class and your students. Maybe you have some brilliant new classroom ideas, have some creative ways to teach a subject or just miss the bustle of your class, the familiarity of school life.

You became teachers for a reason, to take on the rewarding and remarkable job of educating our youth. You’re probably feeling out of sorts if you’ve found yourself with a little more extra time and no one to teach or if you’re struggling to adapt to teaching classes online. But fear not, why don’t you take a look at these fabulous teaching blogs when you next have a minute?

Make a steaming cup of coffee, settle down and have a good old read of these tip top blogs, hand-picked just for you, for ultimate educational value and of course to bust that boredom;

  1. The Newby Tribe

Find it at; https://thenewbytribe.com

This blog is particularly helpful in the current state of lockdown life as it encouragers parents to be inspired and to get creative with home learning. There’s a whole lot of fantastic advice from the author, Cherry, who is a former teacher and head, you might pick up some interesting hacks to use yourself back in the classroom. There’s reviews on trending toys, useful articles about how to make helping with homework super easy and some great general school advice too.

2. Messy Little Monster

Find it at; https://www.messylittlemonster.com

This blog is especially excellent for all things arts and craft based. The author, Louise, is a part-time early years teacher who loves to share her activity ideas, so give it a read, you could be utterly inspired for your next class.

There’s so many fabulous things on there; you can learn how to make tropical flower or bee themed paper craft, you can design your very own educational scavenger hunt or get stuck in with some paper towel fun. If you’re looking at ways to entertain your own children or are wanting to come up with some new ideas to use back at school, then this blog is perfect.

3. Learning With An ‘E’

Find it at; http://www.steve-wheeler.co.uk

This site is really relevant and interesting, it has a fair few good reads about how to support online learners, which of course, is immensely important at the moment. Written by Steve Wheeler, an Associate Professor of Learning Technology at Plymouth University, it’s perfect to have a read of if you’re teaching classes online. It’s always so important that your students and yourself understand how to protect yourselves when using the web and this blog really helps with that.

4. The Secret Teacher

Find it at; https://www.theguardian.com/profile/the-secret-teacher

These are a really interesting series of anonymous blogs written by teachers for teachers. Teachers can write about what is going on in their lives, what they are finding difficult and be completely honest as its anonymous, there’s a different theme each time. It’s worth a read as you might identify with a few of the issues raised and it’s a really great, inclusive way to raise problems and relate to other teachers who may be in the same boat as you.

5. RealiseMe

Find it at; https://blog.realiseme.com (here!)

And finally, us! We really are all about the teachers, all about education. We want to help you guys in this unprecedented situation and make it easier for you any way we can. 

Other than finding teachers, TAs, invigilators and other school staff alternative jobs in key sectors if they find themselves laid off, we are also working hard to support each and every one of you at this time. 

Our blog site is full of useful info, great tips and tricks, and links to relevant Covid-19 details too, anything that may affect teachers or schools.

So, there you go! Hope you enjoyed this list and hope you have a great time reading through all the excellent advice and tips on each and every one of these sites. 

Stay safe,

The RealiseMe Team

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