Tuesday, July 23, 2019
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How to Manage Your Supply Teaching Without Agencies

7am. You’ve got up, got dressed and had some breakfast. You pre-packed your lunch last night and now you’re just waiting on that call...

What I’ve Learnt Being a Supply Teacher

This time last year I found myself in between jobs for a term. This was an unexpected and new experience for me, as I...
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Why Supply Teaching is Better Than Going Permanent

With the current pressures facing teachers including mounting workloads, accountability measures and reforms, many are turning to other professions or considering supply teaching. And...
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We’re Launching! Join the RealiseMe Careers Community!

Things are getting exciting here at RealiseMe as we’ll soon be launching our new careers platform and we just can’t wait to tell everyone!...
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What’s in My Bag: The Essential Supply Teaching Tools

Supply teachers are a diverse bunch and have varying approaches to entering a new school. Some supply teachers need no more than a strong...
A young girl holding a stone in her hand that has the word "co-operative" written on it.

Five Things Schools Can Do to Support Supply Teachers

Supply teachers have become an essential but under-represented part of the education system. With the demands on schools during funding cuts and difficulties with...
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Supply Teaching Tips: The Supply Teacher’s Survival Guide

Whether you’re a new or aspiring teacher looking to expand your experience or an experienced teacher fed up with the admin of permanent teaching,...
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Solving the School Recruitment Crisis for Good

By The School Recruitment Guru Placement rates across the entire recruitment sector grew to their highest levels for two years in July 2017 and this...
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How Much Do Supply Teachers Earn?

There is a mass of confusion surrounding supply teacher salaries and how much supply teachers actually earn after tax. To add to this, the...

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