Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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What Does GDPR Mean For Teachers?

GDPR is the buzzword of the month.  Your inbox has no doubt been inundated with GDPR- related emails and privacy policy updates. You’ve suddenly...
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How to Ace Your Teaching Assistant Interview

So you’ve been invited to an interview for a job as a teaching assistant- congratulations! Working as a teaching assistant can be very rewarding...
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Part 3: What I’ll Take With Me

While I’m not teaching anymore, there are certain lessons from my experiences in the classroom that have helped me in my new pursuits. Indeed,...
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3 Go-Home-Happy Strategies When You’ve Had a Bad Day

Bad days happen. I wish I could promise you that you won’t have a bad day, but I can’t. There will be those days...
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NQTs: How to Handle Criticism

 This one is really tough. You're going to devote so many hours to planning lessons, making resources and working hard to establish yourself and...
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The Free Jobs Board Saving Schools Thousands on Recruitment Costs

Schools are spending record numbers on job vacancy advertising. The Guardian reported in 2016 that secondary schools spent £56 million a year on teaching...
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Emotional Intelligence for Teachers

In my Adult Education course, I was recently asked to share a resource related to Emotional Intelligence (EI). I found several articles and this video geared towards...
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Teachers: How to Find the Right School for You

I have worked at a school where I was miserable; day after day it was a slog, with staff morale at an all-time low....
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How Schools Can Write Effective Job Descriptions and Attract the Right Staff

We are all aware of the current difficulties in teacher recruitment. We’re in the midst of a teacher shortage with less new trainee teachers...
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How to Survive Student Panel Interviews

So you’ve applied for a promising teaching job and the school are impressed with your application. You’ve been invited to an interview with the...

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