At RealiseMe, you can find your next teaching or teaching assistant job, receive job alerts and we’re also working on a job matching algorithm to match teachers with suitable school environments. But we’re not just stopping there. Registering at RealiseMe gives you access to so much more than a job site.

At RealiseMe, we are a social enterprise aiming to give schools and teachers a better deal. Here’s what we do:

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Schools Pay Less, Teachers Earn More!

Did you know that secondary schools in the UK spend over £50 million a year on job advertising? Our free jobs board means that schools can post jobs for free, saving thousands on unnecessary advertising costs. What’s more, Government figures show that spending on supply staff rose from £918 million in 2011-12 to £1.2 billion in 2014-15 and the figure is rising year on year. With RealiseMe, schools can connect directly with supply teachers, without agencies. So, without agency costs and commission fees, schools pay far less, and supply teachers can earn more!

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Fairer Job Market Championing Diversity

The education sector has a diversity problem. Statistics show that “only 6.7% of teachers are from an ethnic minority group compared to 12.8% of the population as a whole.  And the number of head teachers who are BME is even lower- just 2.4%.” And while there are many women working as teachers, women are similarly under-represented in school leadership positions. RealiseMe encourages diversity by allowing candidates to apply for positions anonymously. This means that candidate name, gender, appearance and date of birth are not visible to schools pre-interview, removing race and gender bias from staffing decisions.

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Community Building

 RealiseMe provides a community space for teachers and school staff of all levels to support their career. With a RealiseMe account, you have access to our friendly and professional forums where you can chat, gain advice and share classroom resources. It’s your very own online staffroom with a whole new bunch of supportive colleagues.

Social Enterprise

As a certified social enterprise company, we invest back in to the company, rather than maximising profits. RealiseMe is also a member of SAFERjobs, protecting job seekers and agency workers from exploitation.


RealiseMe is a professional teacher’s community that helps build and support your career. It’s also completely free!

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