I’ve been listening to podcasts and audiobooks since before they were considered mainstream.

Podcasts came first; I loved listening to them so much I decided to produce my own (incidentally, it wasn’t a teaching podcast – it was about knitting, and it was surprisingly popular!) That was almost 10 years ago.

Today I produce and host The Teaching Space – a podcast for teachers and trainers who want to be amazing at their jobs without sacrificing weekends or taking work home in the evenings.

What I love about podcasts, and more recently audiobooks, is the way they can turn your commute, or other mundane tasks, into a productive, enjoyable, learning experience.

To hear me explain more just click the play button above or the link below:



Martine Ellis hosts a popular education podcast called The Teaching Space (theteachingspacepodcast.com). She’s also a teacher educator and Google Certified Trainer based in Guernsey.  

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