Make RealiseMe your positive change for 2017

As the New Year approaches and 2017 beckons, we may feel some relief at leaving a year, of what many would describe as material change, behind us. Yet, in truth, although it was a year of big headlines, government chair shifting, a year of loud noises and the unfortunate passing of several high-profile celebrities, it was actually the year of ambivalence, a year of high emotions.

I would even venture to say that 2016 was actually a bit quiet regarding actual actions. Agreed, the media were out stoking fires, governments pushing our animal spirits to new places, leaders setting apocalyptic scenes and our famed “experts” were having their predictions publicly squashed, but in reality, it’s what I would refer to as a ‘turning point’.

2016 showed that the measures of the past, are misreading the future. How the detached demagogues, who move ever further away from the source of the solution, had viewed our emotions, behaviours and environments as one malleable, homogeneous pile that they could shape however they liked.

So whether 2016 is remembered for the political votes ‘against’ the EU, the US establishment and the Italian PM, or the stand against the reduction in school budgets, the loss of NIC subsidies, rising pension contributions, stealth taxes such as the apprenticeship levy and the increasing agency margins, we all seem to know by now what we don’t like, but we don’t seem to have answered, what do we really want?

Knowing what we want and why we want it, is at the start of every truly positive road, it may be a bumpy, meandering, difficult one, but it’s one that leads to a beautiful destination.

Realise Me: a positivity-focussed community for educators to network and share ideas

Education as a whole has spent a huge amount of time and energy kicking the ball of negativity from teacher to teacher and from school to school. When what we really should be doing is popping that ball and working together to focus on a new rocket of positivity, one that will accelerate positive changes, efficiencies and outcomes needed to help our charges thrive in a competitive world. This is what we want to achieve at RealiseMe: a positivity-focussed community for educators to network and share ideas.

Knowledge, as we know, is a brilliant predictor of the future, but only when the right sources of knowledge are used in correlation with the desired outcome and without bias or subjectivity.

Therefore, teachers and support staff of all levels working together as one interactive community and network, on an equal platform, where anonymity removes the haloed bias or experienced subjectivity, is a huge step in the right direction to defining what we all want! That is what RealiseMe offers.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Branded, Glassdoor, have all made use of human networks, but for the sole purpose of commercial target practice, making us visible and identifiable to those wishing to sell their wares and promulgate their information. When in fact, these platforms could have achieved so much more good with a little positive, reciprocity and collaborative thinking.

The appeal of a place where every educationalist can feel the supportive shoulder of a peer, absorb the knowledge of respected thought leaders, place ideas into active sector forums, or work to facilitate a discussion for a consensual call to action, while all the time building a profile that will help channel their careers and deliver solid outcomes, is one that needs to be embraced, quickly. This is what RealiseMe hopes to achieve.

Realise your potential. Realise Me.

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