Calling all educators who want change!

Are you a teacher, teaching assistant, senior leader, head teacher or training to be one?

If so, then surely you must have thought many times, ‘this can be done better?’, ‘if only I had a platform to place my ideas on’, ‘if only I had a common community to help answer my questions?’

Well, what if you had the opportunity to help advise, plan, add, test and be part of such a platform?

Do you think differently?
Do you have ideas that could help others?
Would you like to influence your entire sector?
If you could build a positivity-focussed education network, what is it you would do?
At ‘RealiseMe’ we have one aim and that is to prove that through positive collaboration, direct interaction, sharing and airing, within an unbiased, objective and fluid environment, then schools and their staff can excel without the shackles of negativity that can stifle progression and cripple retention.

Our goal is to help find a solution to every problem or hurdle, a leader, teacher, assistant or school faces when working to improve outcomes for their pupils and themselves.

To realise their potential, you must first realise yours.

RealiseMe is looking for educations thinkers, huddlers, collaborators, originators, innovators and wanna be game changers. We need your help to improve the functionality, design, journey and interactions of educations most diverse community platform and virtuous environment network.

We are keen to hear from teachers, teaching assistants, senior leaders, heads and CEOs, from any type of school, who believe that they have something they want to give, add or say that could help them and others to be better.

It would also be fantastic to hear from those working on supply, as you are, in our opinion, an underrepresented, but hugely important part of our system. You work across many schools and so bring a different and exciting view to all discussions.

Our first users groups, huddles and scrums will be held in the City of London throughout March and April.

We have lovely food, plenty to drink and will help with travel fares where needed. On the day, before and after, we will be giving out many thousands of £’s in Amazon vouchers to those who have registered, attended, created a blog, hosted a forum and introduced their colleagues!

So help RealiseMe and be part of a one-of-a-kind movement in education communities.

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