Most businesses are stuck in a cycle of unconscious bias, without a clue that it even exists. The problem is augmented in people centric environments, such as sales floors and of course schools!!

How is it that so many schools and enterprises struggle to hire staff, let alone be picky enough to choose the ‘best’ staff. Yet relatively new companies such as Salesforce, LinkedIN and Google, can be 25 times more oversubscribed than Harvard and grow some of the most diverse and effective work environments, on the planet, from a start-up profile?

Is recruitment, selection and retention as much science as it is an art? Are we managing to get the right behavioural fit or are we laden with unconscious biases that cloud our judgement? There are a number of ways schools can avoid unconscious bias when they recruit teaching staff.

Whether we are swayed by the ‘Halo’ effect, aligned through ‘Affinity bias’, anchored with an ‘Endowment bias’, blinded by ‘Egocentric bias’ or we don’t even consider the ’Sunk cost fallacy’ that may lead people to certain career choices, we are all weighted in certain ways.

To find out more, why not read the CIPD ’Behavioural since’ paper, complied by the ‘Behavioural insights team’:

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