After spending a few years at a school, becoming confident in teaching and following the procedures, as well as being within a happy, caring team, it was hard to take that step and move schools! Do I really want to leave behind these lovely children I have taught? You can almost feel like you are letting people down, friendly staff and lovely children… but you have to think about yourself too. Do you want to seek further experiences? Do you want progression? Do you want to learn new ways of teaching? Every school is so different and as much as I loved the school that I was in, for my own passion, desire and development, I knew that moving onto a new school could help me achieve my personal goals and broaden my experiences.

So that was it. I was set on taking the chance. I applied for a few new positions and I was overwhelmed by invitations for interview for them all. Whilst completing my second year of a master’s degree, teaching my year 1 class full time and supporting a second year teacher who was currently working on placement in my class…I had an extra load of work to do- preparing for job interviews! I knew it was going to be an extremely hard month, but I also knew I was more than capable of achieving it.

After a busy week, I received that phone call that everybody loves to hear … we would like to offer you the job! I was so excited, yet extremely nervous too. What will my head teacher think? What will the people I work with say? Will this risk be worth it? Will I end up regretting it? But obviously without plucking up the courage to say yes and giving it a try, I would have never known.

So here I am, one half term down in a new school! There have been days when I have missed my old pupils and staff, and the routine I had. Being new is like starting all over again, remembering names, ways of doing things and also getting used to teaching a new year group. I have gone from teaching year 1 to Reception, and although it’s only a year it’s a huge leap within their development and curriculum too.

I feel like I am progressing in the way I planned to. I am learning so much about the early years, which was exactly my plan. I feel like professionally, I am able to share my good practice and learn from others too. It can be tough at times, but it is definitely worth it. Plus other perks can come along the way. For me, it only takes me 10 minutes to get home after work – amazing! I also have Friday afternoons from 12.30 at home for planning time- an extra bonus! And I feel like my work life balance is way more balanced now. The school is very supportive of my master’s degree and I am looking forward to my dissertation year, starting off with a maths mastery early years course that the school is paying for in December!

So in essence, if you are thinking about making that change, take the risk! If you don’t, you will never know the possibilities that could be unfolded.


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