The summer holidays are one of the renowned benefits of being a teacher and make you the envy of all your non-teaching friends. While they’re stuck in the office, you’re free to enjoy the sun. But we all know that holidays are not a luxury but a well-earned necessity in the teaching profession and you’ll spend a good chunk of those holidays catching up and preparing for September anyway. So what’s the best way to spend your summer holidays and make the most of your precious time out of the classroom? Here’s the top 5 things you need to do this Summer.

1. Rest and Rewind

It goes without saying that your top priority needs to be rest. Teaching is tough and if you don’t cut yourself some slack, you’ll be heading for burnout. So use the summer holidays for what they are intended: a break from the regimented school routine. Sleep in, go somewhere exciting, get back in to that hobby you love or binge-watch Netflix. All totally valid activities for your time off teaching.

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2. Focus on Friends and Family

The summer holidays are the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends who may have been neglected after a busy school year. Go for that coffee you’ve been meaning to for ages or that girl’s night you’ve been putting off. Have a date night or a day out with the kids. Your loved ones deserve your time. Just remember that most other people still can’t meet during weekdays!

3. Reflect on the Good Things

With annual targets, collecting pupil data and mounting accountability measures, you’ve no doubt had your fair share of reflecting on what you could have done better. Make sure you take some time to reflect on the things you did well and the things you’re proud of. Remember any nice comments from colleagues, students or parents that put a smile on your face. Take some time out from the whirlwind of a busy final term to remember and savour those shiny, golden moments.

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4. Get Inspired

It can be easy to forget what an amazing profession teaching is. The holidays are a great time to rekindle that love for your profession that got you started in the industry in the first place as well as gather some fresh classroom inspiration.  Read books, get on Twitter or join an online forum. Be part of a community of teachers and share ideas. Before you know it, you’ll be rearing to get back in the game come September!

5. Prepare for September

Of course, some of the holidays will undoubtedly be spent working and preparing for the first term back. We all know it has to be done and you’ll thank yourself later for starting early rather than leaving it to the last minute. But that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it. Plan ahead and give yourself a cut-off time; this is the holidays after all! This is the perfect time to make your classroom a welcoming space in September and a place that you will look forward to returning to. Take some pride in your workspace- tidy your classroom and freshen up the displays. If you enjoy walking back in to the classroom, the students will to!


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